This was my first film at a film festival. Not only a film festival but an International Film Festival!

If have not seen the film click the link to watch.
I really think after I have caught the film festival bug. This experience was awesome and has left me with a hunger now to enter more into film festivals. 

My family is a BIG supporter of mine. They always supported me in all of my endeavors. It's nice to finally have them out for a really big event in my life such as this film festival.

NOW, what you've been waiting for. If you haven't see the film please CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Backstory

The film is a visual representation of an ars poetica written by India, Kamri & Robin. They, are all Tennessee State University students at the time. They, were part of a class teamed up with Natane (the producer) and me. Their entire premise of poems is:

Poems are what you want them to be.

It's exactly that and in my first discussions with the 3 girls I learned how each person had different meaning but, still tying into the same conclusion.

The Film

As filmmakers we need to catch struggle. In the poem there were literal struggles written into the poems body and some that I thought as a director would be nice to play out on screen because it could mean more things than what was written.  Some that I really wanted to communicate as the story teller is that we all have a means of outlet for good and bad. How we go about it as people may be different. Here we use poems. Not stopping at poems we have the literal sense of the poem it could replicate, emotion, relationship and more. As an example the significant other you would tell your problems to help you cope with whatever is you writing the poem.


We shot this all on the Sony A7s in S-log. Centennial Park in Nashville, TN was our main locating for the main part of the video with our actors. I shot at 60fps to get easy slow motion shots which make the image a lot more smooth when it's slowed Dow to 24fps in post production.

It maybe around 2 1/2 weeks to shoot. Because we are all students we had to work off of each other's free time.