Before you continue along, watch one of the videos.

I was contacted by Rog.Dee (Roger) he and I talked about the vision and how he wanted to reach more people with his motivational speaking in a powerful and professional way.
One thing he mentioned was that he wanted this not to be a one-time deal but something that is ongoing to regularly give people advice and lift them up.
In our phone calls you could hear the passion in his voice as he was explaining everything he wanted to do. He mentioned that if this only reaches 5 people he has done his job.

Behind the Scenes

The first episode of Season 1 was released June 12, 2017, it is made up of 7 episode that will release weekly.
Before shooting the first episode we did a test episode so that we would test our format and some of the animation.
The episodes were all shot in one production day using 2 cameras, the Sony A7s and Sony A6300 but more on that a little later. It was a relatively small shoot with only me and my little sister to help out.
All of the audio was recorded externally to my Zoom H5 using the Rode NTG4 for really crisp audio. The Zoom H5 is an excellent device to record really high-quality audio.
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.23.08 PM
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.42.20 PM.png
Both of the cameras where shooting Sony's S-Log2 for best matching, but that's only if you remember to set the white balance on the cameras the same. Oops!
I changed it so it matched as best as I could.
The post-production process
When I came to post-production everything was pretty much baked in how it would flow. There were only small things that had to be fixed.
Everything was imported into premiere with a very organized file management system.

When shooting with multiple cameras it’s easier to highlight all of your camera angle + right click on them + and nest them. After they are nested right click again and enable multi-cam for the nested sequence.
When you are ready to edit your multi-cam angles change your monitor to a multi-cam view.
All of the motion graphics were made in After Effects so that it would be easy to use in Premiere Pro using the new Essential Graphics Panel.