Sloss Furnaces is a historical beacon in Birmingham, AL.  If you live in Birmingham you know what this place is.

Sloss Furnaces

This film was not planned at all.  This was one of those spur of the moment shoots.

I was dropping my father off at the doctor's office, it was early and I had nothing else to do that day.  On the ride back home I wanted to test out my Sony A7s because at that time I'd just gotten it and wanted to see it in action.  So, as and eager young filmmaker I got off the freeway and drove over to Sloss.

Sloss Furnaces back in the day was made up of African American workers.  It was such a dangerous job that nobody really wanted to do it, so in that time the best option to the world was to bring blacks in, to do the dirty work, which so many have died from.