Tiera's Wake Up Call was shot by Kam Studios, LLC and directed by Kamren Kennedy. We are going to break down the process of making her music video a reality.

Before we get started, make sure you have watched the music video first!
We had fun making the video from choosing how we would tell the story, picking the location, gear used, shooting, and editing. Obviously, there is more to a production than that but that is some of the things we are going to highlight in this post.


Because Tiera is my girlfriend, I was listening to “Wake Up Call” months before it came out. We started the concept for the idea for the music video once she told me that it was going to be a single and she wanted a music video for it.
The first thing I said was we should not make this story about a relationship. If anyone were to make a music video naturally a lot of filmmakers want to go with what the song says exactly. So instead of making exactly what the song said we listened to the song to see what the message of the story was. The message of this song is self-empowerment and not lettting what haters tell you to keep you from being on top.


When finding a location we knew that we wanted something that had water and for the second location, we wanted tall trees. Our first location was a bust because we weren’t able to film a music video there if because it didn’t pertain to wildlife. That really stunk because we were a couple weeks away from filming.
This was the first location.
Not slowing down we got to work to find a new location and what we came up with was perfect. We didn’t have to travel for the 2 main locations. Percy Priest Lake had a very nice view of the water to shoot against.


(A few things were rented from LensProTogo.com)
This was shot in 4K with the Atoms Shogun Flame
Camera Sony A7s
This camera is a beast!
Gimbal DJI Ronin-M
Drone Mavic Pro
Benro Tripod
The editing software that I like to use is Adobe Premiere Pro
This edit was massive!

This picture is without voice-overs added to the timeline.

Without making this blog post too long I really just threw every shot from wide to closeup then b-roll on the timeline.
There were about 8 different rough cuts!

Tiera did a great job on this song! Make sure you download it on a music app of your choice.

“Wake Up Call” available now: